Golf Handicap Network

Internet Based Golf Handicap Software

Golf Handicap Software

The Golf Handicap Network is an Internet (cloud) based "USGA Handicap System" software application that provides direct access via unique login to handicaps and score records for golf club administrators and golfers.  The software as a service application is wholly owned by Handicomp, a highly respected business that has been providing USGA golf handicapping computation services since 1968.

Stu Healey"A golf handicap is a measure of a golfer's playing ability and allows him or her to be evenly matched with others.  It's a great equalizer that makes golf more enjoyable for those who like to compete in events, in groups, or among friends.

The great value behind a USGA Handicap is that it provides confidence to those who run and compete in golf tournaments, where often there is little familiarity amongst players.  Whereas, other handicap systems can only provide confidence within contained groups or within the individual.

Though the overhead associated with a USGA Handicap may not be for all, it is necessary that there be at least one system that transcends the entirety of the industry; and for golf the USGA Handicap System is that system.  It's where Handicomp cut its teeth nearly half a century ago and it's something we shall continue to support indefinitely.

Our hope is that all golfers aspire to carry a USGA Handicap Index.  However, if you're not ready for that first big step, feel free to check out the more simplistic WRGA Handicap System, which can be found at  Needless to say, whatever your golf handicapping needs, we have a system that can take care of you."

Stewart Healey
Handicomp, Inc.

USGA Handicap System

The USGA Handicap System is the gold standard for golf and best serves golfers who wish to participate in competitive tournaments.  Often it is the only handicap allowed for club championship tournaments, amateur association and PGA events, and USGA qualifiers.  Consequently, it requires that an individual golfer belong to a "golf club" licensed by the USGA, and that golfers follow a specific set of regulations as defined within the USGA Handicap System Manual.

Rest assured, every golfer can be certain that if they join a USGA licensed golf club that follows the USGA Handicap System Manual and uses the Golf Handicap Network (the application herein) for computing USGA Handicaps, that their USGA Handicap Index will be recognized by the USGA.

Golfer Lookup and Score Review

One of the primary tenants of the USGA Handicap System is peer review, which provides golfers the ability to view other golfer score records to review if scores were entered and/or entered correctly.   Feel free to click the button below to review records of golfers participating within the system.

Golfer Lookup

Golf Club Service

Golf Club

The USGA Handicap System is built around peer review, which is why they require a golfer to become a member of a licensed "Golf Club" in order to receive a USGA Handicap Index.  This is why Golf Clubs are the primary issuers of USGA Handicap Indexes to golfers within the market.  Golf Clubs are given many authorities over the issuance of USGA Handicaps and the Golf Handicap Network is the best vehicle for empowering Handicap Committees and serving their golfers.

If yours is a licensed golf club or you wish to start up a USGA licensed Golf Club for the purpose of issuing USGA Handicap Indexes, please select the "Club Software" button below for more information.

Golf League HandicapsGolf League Network

Statistically speaking, a majority of golf leagues do not use scores shot outside of league play in the calculation of their handicaps.  In these instances, the USGA Handicap System can not be used as it requires all scores played by USGA rules to be used in the calculation of USGA Handicap Indexes.

The WRGA Handicap System does not have a fixed requirement and is a free handicap system built into the Golf League Network, which can be found at

Individual Golfer Service


It is very important to note that an individual golfer can not receive a USGA Handicap unless he or she belongs to a "Golf Club" as defined within the USGA Handicap System manual.  If you are an individual who wants a handicap but doesn't have the means or desire to join a club, we recommend you get a free WRGA Handicap via My Golf Network, which can be found at

Golf Tournament SoftwareGolf Tournament Network

The primary application of USGA Handicaps occurs within golf tournaments.  Fortunately, the Golf Tournament Network exists and is available to any organization or individual looking to run a handicapped event.

The Golf Tournament Network is seamlessly integrated with the Golf Handicap Network and allows golfers to be pulled into an event from the handicap roster and scores to be posted back the the golf club, so that re-entry is not necessary.  And, if you are a golf club within the Golf Handicap Network, the Golf Tournament Network is free for you to use.

For more information relating to the Golf Tournament Network, please go to the web site

Golf Association/Organization Service

Golf Association

Handicomp has continuously served golf associations since the 1970's.  If yours is a USGA licensed state or regional amateur association, a PGA Section, a Golf Course Owners Association, a club management group, an ethnic, minority or special group association, or just a group of clubs, the Golf Handicap Network can provide centralized oversight unmatched by any other service.

If you have a group of clubs or wish to start an association of clubs for the purpose of providing USGA Handicap computation services, please select the "Association Service" button below for more information.

Golfer Interactive Kiosk Service

Golf Club Score Entry Kiosk

The Kiosk Service is a specialized Internet site designed for golf club environments.  Basically, a golf club puts kiosks in club house traffic areas from where golfers can look up course handicaps for prior to play or post scores upon completion of play.  Kiosks have proven to be most popular within private club environments.

For more information relating to the Kiosk service, please select the "Kiosk" button below.

Mobile Device Application

Golf Mobile NetworkThese days it's all about quick access and portability.  With respect to the Golf Handicap Network it has been built into the Golf Mobile Network mobile application, which is available for smart phones and tablets running android, iOS, and windows mobile operating systems.  Key features include the ability to post scores from home and away courses, instant access USGA and Course Handicaps, a presentation of a handicap card, and score and handicap history.

To learn more about the Golf Mobile Network, please visit the web site, or simply download the application from your mobile device store.

Other Handicaps

The Golf Handicap Network recognizes that the USGA Handicap System serves less than 3 million of the 14 million core golfers in the United States (approx 20%) and that percentage will likely never go higher.  In an effort to serve the entirety of golf, this is why Handicomp has developed other handicapping systems such as the WRGA Handicap System.

TradeMarks and Service Marks

“Golf Handicap Network?”, Golf Tournament Network?, Golf League Network?“, Portable Golf Handicap System?” and “PGHS?” are service marks of Handicomp, Inc., and “USGA Handicap System™“, “Handicap Index®”and “USGA®” are a registered trademarks of the United States Golf Association®.

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